Landscaping Services

We offer landscaping services in Fayetteville and nearby for residential and commercial clients.

A residential home with a small front porch. The home and porch are lined with shrubs and bushes of varying sizes.

Landscape Installation Service

We plant plants!

Need help with your landscape design? Call Tim at Team Blue and tap into his extensive knowledge of the plant materials native to North Carolina.

We install plants without the crazy landscape design fee some landscape companies like to charge.

A landscape bed lining the side of a home. Team Blue has installed fresh mulch in the landscape bed.

Mulch: Delivered & Installed

Team Blue installs mulch in landscape beds in the Great Fayetteville area. You pick the mulch or ask for our advice, and we handle the rest.

Before we spread mulch, we always prepare the flower beds by removing any existing weeds and refining the bed edges so your new mulch stays contained in its designated area.

Take this season off and let Team Blue mulch for you.

A very large landscape bed filled with rock and large shrubs. There is a stone bench in the foreground.

Rock: A Great Mulch Alternative

Some homeowners opt to install decorative rock in their landscape beds instead of traditional hardwood mulch. Commercial businesses often use a decorative rock instead of mulch to reduce the risk of a fire.

The main benefit of using rock in your landscape beds is that it lasts for years with little to no maintenance. It comes with a higher upfront cost due to the cost of materials, but over the years it is actually a better value.

A Golden Retriever laying in the grass.

Sod Installation

Sometimes you cannot wait for grass seed to germinate and grow. A perfect example is homeowners with dogs that are tracking mud into the house due bare or thin areas in their turf.

When you hire Team Blue to install sod on your lawn, you could literally leave for work in the morning with your lawn in poor shape and come home to a yard full of established healthy grass.

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