Pressure Washing Services

We use a combination of pressurized water and cleaning agents to safely and cost-effectively clean anything outdoors.

A Team Blue employee washing a home and its front porch and side walk.

House Washing

When performing exterior cleaning on houses we utilize the ‘soft wash’ technique.

Soft washing is a way to perform a house washing service without risking breaking windows or puncturing siding with high-pressured water.  Instead, we use moderately pressurized water and cleaning agents to clean the toughest grime from your homes’ foundation, brick, siding, and more.

A driveway being pressure washed. There is a very noticeable difference in color between the surface that has been cleaned and the surface that has not been cleaned.

Driveway Cleaning

Our concrete cleaning service is not limited to driveways.

Driveway cleaning is one of the most requested exterior cleaning services we are asked to perform.

Other concrete cleaning services include porch and patio cleaning, sidewalk cleaning, and the cleaning of pavers and retaining walls.

A shingled roof in the process of being pressure washed. Half the roof has been cleaned and there is a very noticable difference between the section of roof that has been cleaned and the section that has not been cleaned.

Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning is included in our house washing service.

Roof cleaning can also be requested as a stand-alone service.

Before cleaning a roof, we make sure we know the type of shingles used and adjust our cleaning methods accordingly.

A metal fence being pressure washed.

Fence Cleaning

We clean all types of fences including wood, metal, plastic, and composite.

Our fence cleaning service can make sure old fences look new again in a matter of hours.

A deck being pressure washed.

Deck Cleaning

The final type of power washing or pressure washing service we’ll mention here is our deck cleaning service.  No matter how big, small, or tall, your deck is, we can clean it.

If you didn’t see an exterior item listed on this page that you would like pressured washed, please call us and ask.  

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