First off, let us show you what a throw line is. Here is a quick video of me getting a throw line in a tree. It was necessary to overcome the back lean and pull over the tree safely.

Getting it up in the Tree.

There are a couple of different methods for using a throw line. I usually make a loop and push it through the throw weight ring so I can have two places to hold onto. As you can see in the video I ended up using the single line technique to get it in the tree.

A throw-weight or throw bag is the most common way to get a throw line in the tree however there are many other devices used to get a throw line in a tree. There is the big shot, essentially a giant slingshot. Next would be the APTA (Air Powered Tree Access) which essentially is a potato gun for throw weights. Now if those two options won’t do it for you maybe you should try out the Lucky Launcher. It’s like attaching your throw line to a bullet and shooting up into the canopy.

Attaching the Line

After you have successfully gotten the throw line in the desired location you need to pull up either a pull line or a lifeline. Attach the desired line to the end of the throw line and pull it up. Typically I use a carabiner as my preferred method of attachment however you may tie the two lines together instead.

Pulling it Up

Once the line has been attached you may pull it up. Congratulations, you now have either your lifeline, rigging rope, or pull rope successfully in the tree.

Securing a Pull Line

The easiest way to secure is by clipping a rigging carabiner onto the line and pulling it up. Some people prefer tying a know like a running bowline to mitigate damaging or breaking a carabiner from side loading. Check out out this animation which shows you how to make a running bowline.